Warehouses in Woodlands
Cleaning Facilities in Woodlands
Increased Productivity and Efficiency

DWS Private Limited maintains three warehouse units for customer needs. Our primary clients are Nestle Singapore along with IXS Logistics Pte Ltd and their fulfillment clients. We constantly improve our facilities to meet client requirements.

Warehouses in Woodlands

Three warehouse units at Woodlands.


Cleaning Facilities in Woodlands
The Dolphin DW 8018ie is a washing machine purchased to increase productivity and reduce hours spent in washing parts.
The cleaning machine has increased productivity and efficiency with this aspect of our business.
Features of the machine include:
⦁ dimensions of 650 x 1340 x 1425mm,
⦁ operates at 18KW,
⦁ weight of 180kg,
⦁ 100L wash tank, and
⦁ 58L Rinse tank.