We Help Companies or Brands

Who Sell Small to Medium Appliances.

We take on the leadership role to:

Repair or Service Appliances On-Location or At Our

Manage Logistical Movements of Multiple Appliances

Gather Important Data From Our Technicians &

Type of Appliances We Have Serviced:

Commercial Beverage

Food Dispensing Machine

Coffee Machines

Household Appliances

And Many More! Our Technicians are Able to Adapt and Handle New Appliances Manufactured in the Market.

Who Has Worked With Us?

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Why Do Companies or Brands Engage Us?

Turnaround time to fix appliances are currently too long

Internal staff are too stretched handling multiple tasks on top of what they are doing

To avoid spending too much time on managing people and logistical movements

Reduce the Number of Complaint Cases of Their Appliances & Service Standards

Reduce the Cost of Servicing Appliance

To Be Able to Have More Time to Focus on Company Growth Strategy

Our unique philosophy helps companies to...

Significantly reduce business costs

Drive up consumer happiness and brand reputation

Transform the quality of new innovative products

We’re Able to Deliver Results Because We Provide:

Fast 2 to 4 Hour Response Time Despite Heavy Volume

Both On-Site & Off-Site Repair & Servicing

Transportation Support of Appliances

Warehouse & Storage Support for Appliances

Documentation of Repairs Conducted

Strong IT Instraustrature to Support Operations

Additional Customer Service Support (NEW)

Our Goal is to Help You...

Gain the Ability to Maintain A High Brand Reputation

Feel Prepared to Provide the Best Service to End Consumers

Gain Popularity Amongst End Consumers & Trigger Word of Mouth

Feel A Sense of Control Over Appliance Servicing & Maintenance

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About DWS Private Limited

Established in 2011, DWS Pte Ltd is focused on serving companies who sell small to medium appliances. 

We take on the leadership role to repair or service appliances on behalf of the company or brand.

We work on different kinds of small to medium appliances such as small food dispensing appliances, coffee machine, commercial beverage dispensers, small household appliances and many others.

Beyond just repairing and servicing appliances, we strongly focus on a much larger goal. We focus on gathering all kinds of important data information (qualitative end-consumer feedback data, quantitative data from our technicians).

 This key information helps to significantly reduce business costs and drive up consumer happiness.

Through the important data gathered, we’re also able to provide suggestions and solutions for our clients so it can lead to creating higher quality and innovative products that lift the reputation of the brand who we’re working closely with.

Our philosophy has attracted different world-renowned brands to work with us. Therefore, we’ve also had the privilege to also work with a brand that’s listed in the top Fortune 500 list.

At DWS Pte Ltd, we’re highly passionate about innovation and using information technology to enable us to work more efficiently.

This is why we’re able to even handle logistical arrangements smoothly on a day-to-day basis while we take on the leadership role of servicing multiple appliances across the country.

DWS Private Limited

11 Woodlands Close, #04-27 Singapore 737853  

Call (65) 6950-4107

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