DWS Private Limited (DWS) started in 2011. From remarks that we heard from peers and clients, we discovered that a drop in service level had occurred in our field and that few people or companies could meet the customer needs. We filled that void. From the beginning, DWS has been the authorized service contractor of Nestle Singapore (Pte) Ltd, providing service and maintenance to their commercial beverage dispenser for various channels in Singapore. A commitment to getting the task done and to providing innovative, quality services for our clients has brought continuous growth to our company.

In 2014, due to the overall rising costs in the business sector for expenses such as staffing and rentals, we moved in the direction of an Integrated Business Model (IBS) . Through it, we bring together employees, top management, clients, and client customers. This new model has proven to be operation-effective, efficient, and cost competitive. Employees’ active learning about new ways to improve our service delivery to clients benefits our company as well. Our IBS enabled us to add 24/7 technical support starting in 2016.

Information Technology (IT) has moved beyond merely helping a business be more efficient. Incorporating technological advances in all areas of an organization is now an integral part of strategic planning and daily operations. Accordingly, we expanded in 2015 to include Point of Sale (POS) services with software and hardware support. We work in partnership with clients to meet their IT requirements by integrating their current systems and by providing critical updates as they come available. We desire to achieve smooth, effective operating processes for them and their systems.

We also have established ourselves as a Service Solutions Provider (SSP) specializing in tailoring effective solutions for service-centric organizations. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) or Service Quality Assurance (SQA) allows our clients to differentiate themselves through highly reliable and state-of-the-art solutions. These, in turn, enhance client Profitability, Productivity, Efficiency, and Control (PPEC).

We offer services in three languages: English, Chinese, and Malay.